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They were totally strangers when they met,
It was an arrange marriage, everything was set.
They had no option so they accepted the fate ,
Reluctantly they agreed to become soulmate.
The priest blessed and the groom held the bride’s hand,
Then with a promising smile he put the wedding band.

Days passed by and then turned into few years ,
They experienced a combination of smiles and tears.
Slowly slowly they fell in love with each other,
And then Christ blessed and she became a mother.
Bigger were responsibilities accordingly they planned,
All these happiness came through the wedding band.

The baby grew up healthy and they were all glad,
The Baby squealed with delight and called mom-dad !
Their child finally reached the brink of adolescence,
They all were incomplete without each other’s presence.
Years passed and the child inherited their land,
They both grew old together bearing the wedding band!

Esha Solomon

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