The Hide & Seek Game

You seal your truths under your lips,
hiding it well,
for the all wrong reasons.

I try to find out,
looking through shells,
seek the terror of your old bloody seasons.

These are diabolical tears.
They creep into your heart
and stop you from loving everytime,
you begin to start.

Remembrance and loving someone,
who says is the same,
love loves its youth,
whilst remembrance keeps your demons insane.

Would I be unable to unearth the truths,
since you are a master of hiding ’em down,
And I, am a seeker of your fears,
inch by inch reconcile with yours.

I take your scars to have a verse on it.
Pardon me, if I am wrong,
but one day my words will stick on your lips.

That day, I won’t arrive at your eyes to have a word.
But your lips will speak,
and then, we’ll end this game,
the Hide and Seek.

Regards- Tanu Sudan

About the author

Tanu Sudan

I am an aspiring Ayurvedic doctor, someone who believes in healing people with both medicine and poetry. A multi-faceted personality, I have dabbled and successfully so, in All India Radio, Jammu as a prime presenter and currently works at AIR, Kathua.

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