Humans in the Park, a short story

It is a bright and hot Sunday afternoon and a lot of commotion can be seen in St. Mary’s street. A large number of people have come to perform mass at the St. Mary chapel; the famous chapel after which the street is named, a landmark. The dazzling sunlight is touching the ground and adjoining the chapel is Sunny’s juice bar. Sunny, a humble and sweet guy in his thirties, who prepares most of the items himself. He is making merry at the large influx of customers who want to beat the summer heat with his special cooler. He has a secret ingredient that all people seem to enjoy.

Amid all this commotion, a small kid is urging his mother to let him go and play in the park across the street. His mother is adamant to not let him go while sipping on Sunny’s cooler. Regardless of that hour of the day, many children are playing in the park and why shouldn’t they; after all, it is summer break. The kid is constantly nagging his mother to let him go when Sunny overhears their conversation. He politely said to the woman,

“Why don’t you take your son out to the park after finishing your drink? It is very rejuvenating even to sit in the shades of those trees. And you know, some of those trees over there are so old that my father and his friends used to climb over them.”

Listening to what Sunny had said, the woman decides to take his son to the park. Akshay, the child, is so thrilled and cheerful that he hugs his mother and goes out to play with other kids. The children are hiding, chasing and playing numerous games. Some are hugging the trunks of the old trees and some have even started climbing over the trees. As the day progresses, the children get tired and start leaving one by one. By dusk, all the children, including Akshay are on their way back home, dancing merrily.

Akshay had enjoyed so much that he started going to the park every day and made many new friends.

Then one day, Akshay and his friends didn’t come to the park. There was pin-drop silence when a faint sound whispered:

“How are you doing?”

“I’m good”, replied a meek sound.

“You know, in a few days, you will feel lucky to be a part of this park. This is one of the happiest parks in the city.”

It was the voice of the oldest tree, the tree which has been in the park since Sunny’s father’s childhood. It was talking to a young sapling that had been planted by Akshay and his friends a few days ago.

“How?” the sapling asked.

“You will see children playing and chasing in the lawn. They love this park. They will even hug you. You will also see lovers who spend hours in the bushes. Then there are old people who come and talk about life. They do this funny laughing exercise that you will enjoy.”

“But why do we and the humans look different? Why not the same?” asked the curious sapling.

 The old tree laughed and said:

“You will know when you grow older, son, and with time, you will also get to know how amazing humans are.”

“Why did humans not come to the park today?”

“Humans have very busy lives, son. They have to go to their jobs, and the children have to go to school. But they always take out time to spend with us.”

There were many seedlings growing, many experienced trees too who had spent their life to the fullest with humans in the park. The young sapling was very pleased on hearing this from one of the oldest trees in the park. He was already feeling lucky to be a part of the park. He was looking forward to sharing his life with these amazing creatures that the old tree said were called humans.

Then they heard the sound of approaching footsteps. All the trees got excited, especially the young sapling. He was so overjoyed to look at new faces in the park that he must have grown a few inches. He merrily called the old tree and said,

“Look new people were coming.”

The older and the most experienced tree happily glanced at the entrance of the park. His wide smile suddenly faded when he saw the government people with their equipment and bulldozer. Within a few hours, the whole park was crashed.


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