I know that you were hungry,
Because I could feel the pain.
I am sorry my dear baby,
I trusted the Humans again !

I thought that they were feeding us,
And helping you to grow.
I thought that they were helping me,
To improve my blood flow.

They gave us a pineapple,
They pretended to be my friend
I never knew my baby,
That it would lead to your end !

I am sorry my dear baby,
Your Mumma was bluffed.
With fatal explosive crackers,
That pineapple was stuffed !

Those Humans felt pleasure,
When I got severely injured!
That pain was really unbearable,
Even my vision got blurred !

For few days, I could not eat,
Nor could I have any type of drink.
I was totally shattered my baby,
I realized how your body would shrink!

I finally gave up my hope,
When I broke my life’s chain!
Please forgive me my baby,
Because I trusted the Humans again!!

Esha Solomon

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Isha Solomon

My writings take me to the world I am supposed to be in. They fill me with immense pleasure and praise my worthiness....
I write because it proves me right.

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