To Man…

He chuckled while she nursed him,

His bubbly eyes blinking in bewilderment,

While he giggled.


His gleamy palms boistered playfulness in me,

And every night he mellowed to recount,

The countless glimmering stars.


Every day he came rushing to embrace me,

And reached my shoulder to behold,

The colourful cosmos.


His tuneful guitar and his mate’s voice,

Instilled in me warmth while they carved,

An emblem of companionship on my heart.


And then his long absence made me impatient,

And wearisome while I searched for signs of him,

During scorching days and frosty nights.


Alas! He came rushing as usual and sprinted,

His way back to my flimsy neck,

But I regained my vigour and felicity.


Gradually he sat tenderly and sobbed silently,

While I stood motionless,

Feeling the graying of his hair as my faltered away.


At last he lulled to sleep under my foggy shade,

While I am executed,

And uprooted from my terrain.



About the author

Deepika Bhagat

Hey Reader! I pen down moments which strike me in the middle of the night. Writing gives me voice and declutters my mind on situations which I fail to comprehend in the moment. This is my quiet corner for introspection.

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