The Ultimate Solace

Landed on this planet…seeking the ultimate solace,

Alas! I woke up to perceive the illusion enveloping,

And the ultimate solace is but a distance,

So I embark the journey to cover the distance.

The journey an emotional roller coaster…bestows me with monstrous pain,

Ah! The pain by and by revealed its beauty,

The exquisite beauty of that aesthetic self,

Phew! I covered the distance…the distance is but a comfort of illusion.

Finally to witness the TRANSCENDENCE,

Whence, the ultimate solace seems nowhere but within,

To be sure, I am truly that…the ultimate solace…!

About the author

Rinchan Anu Angmo

I am a seeker,seeking divinity within. I believe in self exploration to witness the beauty and radiance of life. Besides,I love music, silence and celebrating the celebration called life. I think words has great profundity and requisite strength to enlighten the humanity. So with this goal in mind I would like to touch all the beautiful souls out there...

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  • U stunned me by sharing this beautiful poem…. Thank you for sharing your thoughts:) Very well written poem. It is not too long my dearest. It can be hard to understand for some people, but I think many people can realte to this in different ways….. I love u.. keep shining always love😘😘😘😘

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