The tree of tradition, they say…

They question if I am the only one who has studied,

Many are educated but none your way,

‘What’s wrong in working at your home?’

But when I answer, ‘what did you learn to this day?’


My sin?

I refuse to pick up thrown socks and shoes,

And to fold sheets of my brother every day,

‘You will know, better after marriage,

That day is not far away.’


My father says…

‘Take a look around; village and relatives,

Every girl, every woman does all this,

You’ll repent it tomorrow,

Not long last the days of bliss.’


My mother says…

‘I’m fed up of all this’,

But not to my astonishment,

Maybe, acceptance, maybe, lost hope,

But she doesn’t dissent.


My brother says…

‘Don’t give up on your roots’,

The roots, which provide comfort to him,

Which he doesn’t want to cut,

As they bring equal responsibility to him.


‘Soon, the uprooted trees fall away’,

I get to hear this every day,

They talk about the ‘tree of tradition’,

Embedded in ideas partisan.


They say…

‘You must love this tree; love it all,

Have pride in it, it must not fall!’



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Hi, I am Kaneez. I enjoy travelling. I am a nature lover. It's my concern towards the things that I love that makes me write. I write from my experiences and observations. And I feel it's my duty, as a human, to speak about things that are prejudicial and those that disturb me.

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  • Wow… wonderful lines… made me wonder as if Its only me who is writing these lines… even I feel the same… and I think almost every girl around us feels the same.. she is always made to remember that she is a girl and not a human being… everytime and everywhere we are taught to remain in our limits… every time we suffer from gender prejudices..

    • The prejudices always bring injustice, be it on the basis of gender, class, caste, region or religion. You rightly said, we must remember that we all are human beings.
      Thank you Misha 😊

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