Recollecting Myself

I smile at the sound of you brushing past the wall.

I blush when I hear your rigorous voice.

Your pleasant thoughts instill in me passion,

And like the sand gyre, you turn me upside down,

Re-filling the wilderness in me.


Beyond the concrete surface, beyond the veins,

Beyond the tissues, I swim to discover your soul.

You sound like a gong which tells me time and again,

The time is ticking, you will never be as beautiful as you are,

You will never be as wise as you are.


You drowse me with such degree of compassion,

That I wish to rip apart from these robes,

Run into the sea and take a good rinse.

The water shall be bitterly cold, hitting my senses,

Breaking the ice of dome and replenish me.


Then I come back in your embrace,

I will regain the warmth I needed,

Not from my mother’s womb, but in your love,

And you whisper in my ear, “It’s good to have you back.”



About the author

Deepika Bhagat

Hey Reader! I pen down moments which strike me in the middle of the night. Writing gives me voice and declutters my mind on situations which I fail to comprehend in the moment. This is my quiet corner for introspection.

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