Our Night

One night,

In the moon’s light.

In a chilly winter,

Our distances would hinder.


All those twinkling stars,

And our wandering hearts.

Will find a place,

That both of us would embrace.


Your winsome dress and the rabid veil,

Your charming eyes and the words that fail.

That pious fire will ratify our attire,

That variegated rose will listen to our vows.


That night would be refurbishing,

That light incubating.

Our love would be rampant,

And the world quiescent.


The nebulous aroma around us,

Will galvanise our emotions.

And this will all come to an end,

When we have our hands in hand.


Our love will then enter a new phase,

That only both of us would chase.

It would not be a one night stand,

Rather a love that would never end.


Promise me that our love will stay,

Till the time I’m here.

And the time when I’d be in the grave,

Our love will fade away.


But I promise you that this separation would be for a short time,

We’ll meet soon in a new life, in a new time.

Our love will forever stay young and would always grow,

Be there time or be there no more…



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Hey guys, I am Palak and I am a teacher by profession. The only thing I feel I can not teach is emotions. So, I pen it down in the form of poems. Poetry is another way of using a language through which we can connect to thousands of hearts.

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