Our Bonding Has Not Faded

Categories : New Arrival , Poem

A dream connects us,

We are bound to it,

Clutched together during tough hours,

Closer during blissful moments,

Faces changed, tongues twisted

I was a victim of it.

But you will love me as you do.

Never mock me behind

Delightful smiles and dark gazes.

Continuing to adore and cradle me.

You have given me everything,

From a drop of water to strings of gold.

Yet I’m hungry for more,

As people search my pockets

I stumbled, not to stop,

To look at you,

Smiling and signalling

This is life! Etching errors.

I never knew how much I grew!

If everyone is wise as they think,

Why can’t they see

Who I am!

They see dusty pictures through the transparent lines.

Alas! Your purpose is to show the

Divine Light because you believe me.

Your ways are unknown but the purpose is bliss.


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