Now I Have Found You

You were always there,

But I was never able to found,

I always cried with whole heart,

While you never made a sound.


Like a herd of sheep,

I was after all these worldly luxuries,

When all I ought to do,

Was to serve you with inner peace.


Now I have found you,

I promise to cleanse you deep,

And will talk to you, and ask your consent,

In my lucid sleep.


The world only sees beautiful versions of outer skeletons,

With their realities dwelling in the dark,

The warmth and aroma of these personified shapes are desperately desired,

With their real selves invisibly parked.


Now that I have found you,

I will never let you down in this world so foul,

From now on you are the only one,

“O my beloved soul…”


Whimsical Spirit

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Shefali Sharma

I am just an ordinary person like anyone, with the curiosity to unravel the mysteries of this universe with a slight feminine side.

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