She feels so poor and yet so rich,

When there are so many hounds who can label her their bitch.


She will walk, she will talk, like nothing has changed,

When everything in this world is already framed.


These so called bloody ethics will define her “Lady”,

While her free spirit will force you to call her “Shady”.


This bleeding heart of a woman, with so much ache,

But they will always find something new to take.


Gone are the days when she was crushed to ground,

In this dark age new light is being formed.


She is fire, she is hurricane, she is calm, she is plain,

She will boldly stand up with all her stains.


With the broken heart and burning desire,

She is ready to put the whole world on fire.


This will be the slogan of the new age,

She will conquer the world with her lasting rage.


Things will not be left as they were,

Because this is “New Era of Her”.


Whimsical Spirit

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Shefali Sharma

I am just an ordinary person like anyone, with the curiosity to unravel the mysteries of this universe with a slight feminine side.

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