Education, my forest…

I went through a forest, organised by the world,

The path I travelled was more than just a forest,

It showed me a way,

And I followed the path it paved.


Started walking ten years ago,

And now, the next phase has begun,

The forest is now denser,

And the path cannot be shunned.


It has more complications,

And its leaves are a burden,

The forest contours my mind,

And I get its commands done.


But I keep pushing through the path,

Innovation and hard-work are my valve,

Through these, I recreate my way,

The path has become tough, but so has my resolve.


Fate jostled me but not my path,

I consciously move like a raft,

Augmenting the sweat, throughout my path,

This is the story I craft.



About the author

Eshaan Sharma

Just as simple as you are. Writing is not my hobby but it still opens my whole world of ideas and creativity. Writing interesting poems give me pleasure and joy. I never have a sense of contentment about my work, so I keep writing.

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