O’ Dear Parents!

O’ Dear Parents!

They are neither heroes, nor are they God,

For they can ruin your life or make your home a lovely abode.

Expectations demand them to be perfect,

But their imperfections can make you pay for their every act.


They taught me to be a warrior, those who cry are ‘weak’,

But no words they taught, through which my heart could speak.

Hide your feelings, overcome your weakness,

Let your ambitions be those that lead to success.



Don’t you yell, don’t you cry,

Just give it one more try.

Not all homes are happy, not every parent an institution,

But when they leave, there won’t be a substitution.


Let us burn in fire, let us freeze in snow,

The more you protect us, the lesser we grow.

Teach us to fail, teach us to express,

Because your teachings would be there, till our last breath…


Aap sabki,


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Not a writer, just a wanderer trying to pen down something which could be relatable to all of us. Having no experience in writing, just trying to dive deep into this new world and sharing a hand with those trying to understand life with all its complexities. We share & we grow together.

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