A Little Warning…

A little warning would have been nice,

The wondrous gazes and awkward silences for misreading,

Sealing the space with a smile,

Chattering whimsically to endless jeering,

Staring delights towards snatching concoction,

Humble mindfulness yielding a cosmic display of human nuances,

Genial glances submitting to playful squabbles,

Unexpected glances to countless scrolling,

A moment of astonishment turning into an ecstasy of ideas,

Colourful pictures now to be seen with candles,

The familiar space will always be remembered with a twinkle

The unkempt diary will be revisited,

A little warning would have been nice…


Deepika Bhagat

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Deepika Bhagat

Hey Reader! I pen down moments which strike me in the middle of the night. Writing gives me voice and declutters my mind on situations which I fail to comprehend in the moment. This is my quiet corner for introspection.

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