Triumph of the real you

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It’s a common phenomenon that one remains trapped into the meshes of societal conditioning, leading to an enslavement…made to believe that one needs to do it all…needs to please everyone and perfect every time…hence one always fall short and in the process becomes unworthy malleable and subservient…it takes decades of pain and agony that feels like a millennia…to understand the tragedy of shallow and superficial living which comes as a bondage…a bondage which let one feels not good enough, kind enough, pretty enough, generous enough…henceforth one succumbs to this so called standardized living…finally to witness that inbuilt fortitude to carve out a new standard…a standard of ordinariness, imperfection, fallibility, rawness, vulnerability, courage, and most importantly, authenticity…where one doesn’t need validation from outside…only needs it from the inside…where one doesn’t need to do it all…only needs to be one in all the doings…utimately to see the dawn of new you…authentic you…and the awakened you…it isΒ  the dawn of the real you…perhaps the triumph of the real “YOU”…..

1 comment on “Triumph of the real you

    Mohini Sharma

    • July 11, 2020 at 2:32 pm

    True πŸ‘

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