Fear Within!

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‘Minority’ is a word that symbolises a community with a lesser number of individuals nationwide. Being less in number is not, however, the fact of the matter. What actually matters is that they have a life with the same dignity, protection, and support as the majority communities do.

We, as humans need a community environment, social support, strong protection, and enough confidence to live a healthy life. Being a part of the majority community, I inculcate all the support in my routine days. Minorities are comparatively feeble to propel the same. So minority rights came up as a probable solution. The age-old culture of civility gave us a sense of pride when we chose to follow a diverse society with egalitarian values. Time functions as an actual mirror sometimes. Today we can feel the toughened fearful face, meek, ignorant but innocent troops of minorities in our nation. Incidents of mob lynching point out the height of disgrace to minorities.

Over the last few years, India has seen an outbreak in the number of incidents of mob assaults. Victims are either Muslims or Dalits in most cases. The mob decides the reasons, and their doubts stink of prejudice when they give the assumed culprits an instant punishment. The mobs act like there is no police or law anymore to question them. Their reaction becomes more dangerous as they get consistent media coverage that leads to the spread of rumors. Some people use the rumors to settle ‘personal rivalries’ too. Somehow a belief is breached, distrust created on the name of cow lynching or beef eater. This entails the danger of ending the sensibilities of society. A fearful, unprotected sense can be felt when a friend of yours, who belongs to a minority community says, “I was thinking of changing my name”. The deep pain in these words is enough to make us realise the path we are leading as a nation. Things may have been fuelled for political benefits or under the affluence of a particular interest group, but the minorities suffer alike.

The media has already wiped its hands off, giving up on their moral responsibility. Social media had then assumed the responsibility for information dissemination through viral fake videos. The message for or against a minority is read by the majority. The recent news from the Markaz of Tablighi Jamaat in New Delhi is an example. It showed us the extent to which things can be utilised to spread collective cynicism. Hundreds of other unjust stories are hidden with a tough cover of fear. Inappropriate conclusions are drawn and spread all over. The full proof evidence are people’s mobile phones, without any checks. Hate against minorities is not in the blood, it is in the air of cell phone networks.

Making political condemnation is not enough until the whole machinery works out to put a check on such mobs decisively. The condemning statements remain mere rhetoric unless they go beyond looking at the arrest of targeted people. Until the leadership makes truthful statements over and over again and remind the promise we Indians made to ourselves; the soulful promise to bring alive the diversity and faith in nationhood. Not for obvious reasons but the persons attempting to find ethical values in this opinion will be banished, persons who are attempting to find a motive in it, will be arrested under UAPA or so, and the persons attempting to find a plot in it will be commercialized. Those who remain silent, however, will conveniently be passing by the failure of humanity.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect”, said Mark Twain. And thus I think it’s my community due to which minorities are living a mentally tortured life. Whether a leader, an administrator, a media-man, or the common citizen, everyone has to take a serious note of fundamental duties of our own book of humanity, the constitution of India, number (e), and (h) at the very least. Self-rule for concrete reasons may not face any outer hurdles.


1 comment on “Fear Within!


    • June 11, 2020 at 2:21 pm

    A wonderful piece.
    Today’s majority bother least about constitutional rights. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely is what we are experiencing today in all spheres.We are severely failing on humanity too. People in power has always been good or bad. Its the support of common people which makes huge difference. As said hate is in air , and on ground reality it is being circulated , absorbed and applied by us only.
    Although, rights for all the diverse faiths and castes are enshrined in constitution its mere presence doesn’t make difference when it don’t happen in reality. And we are also experiencing numerous changes to it for particular interests.
    We really need to act as a responsible citizens in a humane way building a little better place for everybody to live in.
    All the best for many more!

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