One Last Try…

One Last Try…

One call,

Rushed to the center,

Lifeless gaze,

Fading pulse,

Nothing could be done,

But one last try.

Sirens blazing,

Heart accelerating with the ticking,

She grows pale as I glow with panic,

I grab the first chance; she reads her final prayers,

Her hand drops loose; mine tighten around her,

I burn with my eyes; she coldly stares through me,

I roar; she whimpers,

We fight to help her; she fights to surrender,

She closes her eyes one last time;

Even while the ventilator pumps her with life,

We sigh as she sleeps,

Realizing our last try…




About the author

Deepika Bhagat

Hey Reader! I pen down moments which strike me in the middle of the night. Writing gives me voice and declutters my mind on situations which I fail to comprehend in the moment. This is my quiet corner for introspection.

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