O’mothernature !

You took care of us like a mother does for her oneling.

We rose and gleamed under your defence and became humans.

We appreciated and vowed to protect you.


The dazzling lights of our exigencies being fulfilled, blinded us.

We lost the importance of a mother, our mothernature.


Getting floored by the thrills and adventures of temporary needs, we forgot the peace and calm you conferred onto us.


And there started the trouble.


We made you feeble, so fragile, that you suffered

and  you suffered alone.


Deterred by the pleasures we couldn’t see your pain, until things turned against us.


Soon adversities became a part.


And that was the time we missed you, we needed you, we desired for you, we craved for you.

That was the time we realised you need us like we need you.

That was the time we realised we were sleeping on the bed made of your shambles.

That was the time we realised its time to wake up before we sleep forever.




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Shivani Sharma

Student by profession and learner by obsession. I admire writings just like an orchestra craves for its symphony. I believe what can't be said should better be penned down.

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