Just stay

While sleeping, in my dream

This man came closer to me

He kissed my forehead 

And said for me you are the best

You do have flaws in you

But still there is no comparison to you

No matter how many people come in my life

You will always be the priority, till you become my wife 

I know you demand expensive gifts

So i promise to give you my time, care, respect and bliss

I promise to understand you

And then i will get little harsh too

To make you realise

This world is not so nice

And whenever there will be a fight

We will sort it with a hug, tight

You will not be the one always saying sorry

Together we will make a beautiful story

No restrictions on you bae

For i know you’ll never betray

I promise I’ll tell you no lies

You will never sleep with tears in your eyes

For me your smile matter

Seeing you all my problems shatter

I hope you will always be there

Whenever i need someone to hear

Listening to this, looking at his eyes, i said. I promise you to always obey

And if you can fulfill what you said, just stay♥


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