Happy couples


From seeing your face in morning while lying in bed,
To taking your care when you have pain in head.
From laughing to having a shoulder to cry.
From giving up hope to stand up and try.
I am waiting for the day when I’ll be dressed in white,
You will be mine everyday from morning till night.

From discussing issues to finding their solutions,
From talking of discoveries to physical evolutions;
Then calling your number when it is too late,
With fast heartbeat I’ll be waiting at the gate.
And when you come I will hug you so tight,
I will be by your side from morning till night.

From washing dishes together to preparing food.
From irritating you to handling every mood.
Then cuddling and caring when you go through stress,
With our love we can overcome even the biggest mess.
Starting with sharing love to end up in a fight,
I will love you forever from morning till night.


Esha solomon


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Isha Solomon

My writings take me to the world I am supposed to be in. They fill me with immense pleasure and praise my worthiness....
I write because it proves me right.

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