Finally i decided to move on!


You happened to be my Imagination.
Now, you have turned into Destination.
You conquered my heart,
You invaded my soul,
For me, it’s the greatest Invasion!

Capsizing my heart, my breath on hold;
Weather no matter, Warm or Cold!
You are the reason for my Pain,
You are the reason for my Guilt;
I am sorry my Heart is already Sold!

If this was a game, I would have quit it before!
Really, this pain doesn’t affect me anymore!
When I am not there,
When you actually don’t care;
I feel like sinking myself at the shore!

Perhaps, the days are gone.
It has already turned to dawn.
I decided to let you go,
I decided to feel free for sure;
Finally, I decided to Move On.

Esha Solomon

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Isha Solomon

My writings take me to the world I am supposed to be in. They fill me with immense pleasure and praise my worthiness....
I write because it proves me right.

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