Bearing a burden of dreams we were born with
Dreams not ours, but beautifully sown inside our mind
Dreams passed on from generation to generation like a custom
Dreams giving the pleasure of accomplishment with the sorrow of being borrowed

Dreams that blurred our sanity with a sham vision
Uncovering the complexity of which, we became peevish
A want to outshine everyone, everywhere, every time, took over us
Running the race of being THE BEST we lost the real cause of our existence

Thence we grew, so did the onus of false desires

Top the class, Win the tournament, Outclass the competition, Earn well, Marry a perfect person, Be a good parent and then Release your burden passing it on as a ritual.
Repeating the same cycle.

And this made me wonder

Is being on top always required?
Does everything need to be perfect?
Are failures so bad?
Can’t we stop and breathe in a real-life?

Can’t we just be us??

And I wonder.


Shivani Sharma

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Shivani Sharma

Student by profession and learner by obsession. I admire writings just like an orchestra craves for its symphony. I believe what can't be said should better be penned down.

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